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 Economic system.

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PostSubject: Economic system.   Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:06 pm

I posted this on newgrounds.com so some of it may seem like I am talking to someone, it is mostly what I have learnt from the communist manifesto and the books written on economy by Engel.

"Of course the unwise capatilist will bring up the example of same salary works and lack of aspiration. But Mike, if you read communist manifesto edition 1 you would note this is not true.

Quick explanation.

3 streams of work.

tri necasary - state dependant - state depends on it.

So while in the first one you have primary, secondary and tertiary jobs. The jobs can not exist with out each other - for instance car production.

Miner gets materials for car. - primary.
Factory worker proceses materials. - secondary
Buisness man sells car. - tertiary.

So it is only just that these people get the same pay. They are part of a team, a community.

Secondly state dependant jobs get a fixed pay because the state doesnt need them, they add nothing to the economy and may only bring things like tourism or leaisure costs. Things like tv presenters, musicians and authors. They pay the same levels of tax over time as tri nesacry but due to the essence of the comodity they produce they pay it back over longer periods of time.

And lastly jobs that the state depends on like doctors, public transport drivers, teachers. Get the same ammount of money but don't pay as much tax because they are adding to the state. The state is the most important thing and in Laos, Vietnam and Cuba this is very relivent.

But Marx didn't even care that much about economic equality, the most important thing is social. Engel dealed with economic. And Lenin was the moderniser and revolutioner.

I believe in it and nothing will change my mind. Corruption comes from big buisnesses, not the workers of the land.


What are your thoughts on this, I have only been studying communism for the last 2 years and only really aware of it when I was about 11. In high school with the masses of people you start to notice some sort of class system. So please discuss and help me out.

Kind regards -
Tom (my username is always sirtom93 on the internet but I felt I wanted to be more formal)
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PostSubject: Re: Economic system.   Sat Jul 05, 2008 5:33 pm

you ignore the fact that car sellers often have degrees when miners don't.

corruption comes from all places, small business, big buisnes and the state and even individuals.

the state usally pays people by education and time on the workforce but buisness usally valuse an individuals, looks at his/her career, acivements and education.
saying that the state dosn't depend on there acuntants tax office employess and countless othere jobs is foolish and shows that you havenīt thought that through.

road workers???
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PostSubject: Re: Economic system.   Sat Jul 05, 2008 9:18 pm

In communism there is no money at all. In the transition stage of socialism is more along the lines of what you are thinking of.
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PostSubject: Re: Economic system.   Mon Jul 21, 2008 2:34 pm

Quote :
Engel dealed with economic

please no. who wrote capital vol 1? capital vol 2? capital vol 3? theories of surplus value (capital vol 4)? wage labor and capital?

i could go on all day. marx wrote literally hundreds of esays on economics. engels wrote maybe 10. rely all he did is write about why marx is great.

marx was the economist. history's greates, infact. it pains me greatly to see someone claiming he only cared about the social.

plus marx never said that pepole should get paid the same. marx was not concerned with morality.

he just said that value is equivalent to the amount of socially necessary labor required for production.

i am not familiar with this primary secondary tertiary stuff so if you have links that would be appreciated.

in socialism pepole are paid according to the amount of time that they work. so if the miner and factory worker work the sam they are paid the sam.e by seller i presume you mean capitalist? tthey do no work, they will get nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: Economic system.   

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Economic system.
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