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For aspiring and studying marxist youth to come together and discuss the true way forward
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 Draft of General Statement

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Shabazz Freeman
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PostSubject: Draft of General Statement   Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:14 pm

"Epoch of the Marxist Youth" Forum Is comprised of a small nucleus of radical minds striving to build a new community for youth to safely discuss marxism and expand their knowledge. We are currently adopting a progressive soviet style of moderation unlike many forums and have a number of different revolutionary tendency groups for our member to join. Each tendency gets their own forum in which they can have internal discussion separate from other user's eyes. This site focuses on expanding knowledge and encourages members to get involved in their party tendency and do their best to learn and teach the members of our forum about their understanding of the true way forward. "Epoch of the Marxist Youth" is open to all political beliefs but stresses that capitalists and right wingers keep their arguments in designated sections so the revolutionary youth (including anarchists) can discuss their ideals and build on their class consciousness without interruption.

Tendencies are also encouraged to hold public classes on the forum about their perspective. We hope to win over the most passionate and dedicated youth to build a strong community. Because our forum is much smaller than other sites like revleft, our members can pay attention to detail in arguments and discuss politics on a much more intimate and personal level which allows for educated and informed responses and debates.

We hope you will take part in our new community

The Marxist Youth Staff
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Draft of General Statement
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